We buy machinery for the jewelry and metal working trades. If you…
  • need extra space at your facility
  • need extra cash
  • need to upgrade your machinery
  • want to recycle machines you are not using

We can purchase all sorts of machines in good working order or that can be repaired. Send us an email with your machine description, date of manufacture with a picture if available and we will immediately contact you with a cash offer.


We sell quality used and rebuilt machinery that…
  • gives you a better value for your money
  • performs the same functions as new machinery
  • allows you to get more features at less cost

Check out our extensive online inventory catalogue list to the left of each page . We are one of the largest dealers in North America for new and used machinery for the jewelry, and metalworking trades. We are the manufacturer of the AB Power Sprue Cutter and other new machinery. We are also the manufacturer of the AB Plastic Injectors used in the medical, jewelry and plastics industry for prototyping and manufacturing small plastic parts.


We trade in your unused or unwanted machinery so you can…
  • retool your workshop to suit your current project needs
  • upgrade your equipment
  • clear away valuable workshop space
  • recycle machinery that is not being used

We also purchase your entire plant or single machines. We can also provide evaluation and auctioneering services to help you liquidate your machinery for sale. We trade your unwanted machines for other machines that you may require for present and upcoming projects.